What Causes Ovarian Cysts?

Published: 06th June 2009
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Causes of ovarian cyst

What are the causes of an ovarian cyst?

That's a good question.

The cause of a cyst ovary seldom is due to just one factor.

You will often hear the medical explanation of how the ovarian cyst was formed. Doctors can explain what happens to you when you get an ovarian cyst, but they don't really explain why you got the cyst in the first place.

Again, for example, some cysts are caused by the pituitary gland not sending the signal to increase progesterone, but it's hard to explain why the pituitary glad didn't send the normal signal.

It's easy to explain the ovarian cyst symptoms, but hard to explain the reasons why the cyst begins.

The symptoms of ovarian cysts include the following. This is not a comprehensive list, but common symptoms. You may not necessarily have all the symptoms, since some of the symptoms are dependent on the type of ovarian cyst you have.

* pain in the thighs

* severe pain at the beginning and during the menstrual cycle

* dull pain in your lower back

* moderate to severe abdominal pain

So, you can easily find 'what happens' to cause the formation of the cyst, but you can't so easily find the underlying cause of why there was a malfunction.

There has been a fair amount of speculation as to the underlying causes of why women get ovarian cysts.

As a side note, the occurrence of cysts in younger women has risen dramatically over the last 40 years.

Generally, the speculative reasons why ovarian cysts develop are due to several factors listed below:

* Poor choices for your lifestlye - This includes stress, cigarette smoking and lack of exercise.

* Birth control pills - many times the normal function of the ovaries never recovers after going off birth control.

* Diet - Poor diets tend to contain too much refined sugar and refined carbohydrates. Too many processed foods and too much sugar can cause an unhealthy rise in insulin levels.

* Foods today contain larger quantities of petrochemical contaminates.

The bottom line is that ovarian cyst causes can be from multiple factors. The best way of reducing your risk is to make good choices when it comes to exercise, nutrition and health care.

There are certain food products, herbs and minerals which can help rid your body of toxins that are known to impact the reproductive system. Furthermore, you can also correct your diet to bring about the much needed nutrition that boosts and assists your vital organs. The body works together, each organ with its own function and if any one or several of the organs aren't working well, then the whole system is affected.

A holistic approach to curing your ovarian cyst is helpful for addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms of ovarian cysts.

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